2015-07-05 11:20 am

Asking for pie

I feel exactly the same way as I did when I was 7. Then I was short and now I am tall and I've been tall many years. I walked around every day, out free to roam wherever I wanted. No one watched me and I'd look at each house I passed and picture what they were doing inside. I had been in every house in my neighborhood. I might go knock on the door and ask them or request something if they answered. If they were a great cook I'd ask them if they had been cooking. I ask for some. I thought it was perfectly natural. They had a gift. They weren't just good they were fabulous at something; cookies, pie, bread...something. People made way more than what they could eat, just felt natural they'd want to share. Today when someone says in passing they bake from scratch I'm still thinking, I'm going over there and get some of that.
2015-07-04 04:33 pm


I need a outlet to talk about Asperger's. My family is not available to spend any time in my world. I am welcome in theirs, much like the rest of the world. Asperger's is an annoying thing to those who don't have it. I understand that because I have it.